About Laicey Fashion

Probably the most unusual thing about my approach to dressmaking is that I'm designing dresses to fit the male form.

There are not many patterns around so my first project was to make a dressform so I could make the patterns myself. I've found patterning interesting as it helps figure out the slight of hand behind the original garment design.

I'll post printable patterns as I go along. Hopefully they might be useful for others who don't fit the ideal form. Either way I'm only planning to post in one size (around UK 16 or 18) so mock ups and alterations will be necessary if you chose to use them.

I'm interested in making historical garments (you can get modern ones in the shops). I have some red woven wool for a late medieval cotehardie and fancy dipping into the Victorian era and have been prototyping ideas. I am very much a beginner.

I live for the photoshoots. I love planning the scene months in advance, finding a photographer, finding or making a dress, then going out confidently on the big day. It's a buzz. I am currently without an official photographer.

Unsurprisingly I'm single. I'm a straight male and very eligible. I'm also gender fluid which means I like to enjoy life and try to take the best bits from both male and female worlds. I'm based in Bedfordshire UK.