Laicey Fashion is about my new adventures in dressmaking. I only started at the end of 2018 so am very much a beginner but I'm having a lot of fun. I want to mess around with shapes and make a UK size 16-18 look brilliant. I want to make some historical outfits from the Victorian era and earlier. I'll share patterns as I go along.

Corset design

Patterning a corset from scratch

This project is work in progress. I am attempting to pattern a corset myself from first principles (then a lot of looking at what other people do once I find the problems).

The corset will hopefully be useful for Victorian style dresses, but mostly I want to learn about structure. So far I'm at the mockup stage and I'm learning a lot.

1850 prototype dress

1850 ballgown prototype

Another work in progress. There was so much experimentation in the ballgown that I ended making a trial version using only 2m of material. As a result the skirt is unusually short for a ballgown.

The inspiration drifted from accurate Victorian towards Disney then ended up Laicey.

Dressform modification

Modifying a custom dressform to improve fit

Making a dressform is how I learned to start dressmaking. Dressforms are useful for patterning clothes that will probably fit better than any commercial pattern.

I ran into issues with fit and found I could fix them by comparing photos of the dressform with photos of myself.

Mk1 dress

The Mk1 dress - my first attempt at dressmaking

The Mk1 dress is a modification of a shift dress pattern with princess seams.

The very first attempt went very wrong, but I tried again, modifying the skirt to double the flare and raising the waistline and was surprised how neatly it turned out.