Laicey Fashion is about my adventures in dressmaking. I'm male so all the nice stuff doesn't fit me. Even when it fits it often doesn't look right. I'm having fun messing around with shapes to try for the right silhouette.

I only started at the end of 2018 so am very much a beginner. I want to mess around with shapes and make some historical outfits from the Victorian era and earlier. I'll share the finished patterns in the posts. You can also find me on Instagram.


Patterning and making a 14th century kirtle

I bought the wool for this kirtle over a year ago. I like the long thin silhouette of the late 14th century.

The project has been surprisingly challenging. Trying to get a bust shape before princess seams were invented was a hassle, but worse this was my first time patterning sleeves. It took a while as I wanted to do everything in a reasonably accurate medieval way so there was a lot of hand sewing.

winter dress

Wool Winter Dress (based on the kirtle pattern)

The winter dress was made as a mock-up build to check the kirtle pattern before I started cutting into the expensive red wool.

It turned out quite well so I added a lining and finished it into a proper dress.

Corset design

Patterning a corset from scratch

This project is still work in progress after a year. I am attempting to pattern a corset myself from first principles (then a lot of looking at what other people do once I find the problems).

The corset will hopefully be useful for Victorian style dresses, but mostly I want to learn about structure. So far I'm at the mockup stage and I'm learning a lot.

1850 prototype dress

1850 ballgown prototype

There was so much experimentation in the ballgown that I ended making a trial version using only 2m of material. As a result the skirt is unusually short for a ballgown.

The inspiration drifted from accurate Victorian towards Disney then ended up Laicey.

Dressform modification

Modifying a custom dressform to improve fit

Making a dressform is how I learned to start dressmaking. Dressforms are useful for patterning clothes that will probably fit better than any commercial pattern.

I ran into issues with fit and found I could fix them by comparing photos of the dressform with photos of myself.

Mk1 dress

The Mk1 dress - my first attempt at dressmaking

The Mk1 dress is a modification of a shift dress pattern with princess seams.

The very first attempt went very wrong, but I tried again, modifying the skirt to double the flare and raising the waistline and was surprised how neatly it turned out.